Friday, April 15, 2011

15 April 2011 3rd thesis meeting

1) Konrad Tolmar
2)Fredrik Kilander
3) kamal

I need to submit 10 pages report in the next meeting. That will contain :
i) Title--- Measuring impact of QoS on QoE in the mobile application.
ii) Abstract(Draft)
iii)Outline of method
iv) Approach
v) Short summary
What have I done with related work?

I need to improve the collection of related papers. It might be 3 or 2 times than present. So it would be 30.

My main focus will be --
What kind of quality?
How QoS service related with QoE?

My output from the thesis would be

--- Study & report
---Experimental toolkit.

The experience toolkit may inherit from me and use in other research.

I need to setup a server with QoS service. After that I need to setup two server then I need to test how the quality of Experience in the mobile. By changing the parameter of the QoS I need to measure the QoE.

I need also find out how they are related? What are the parameter of the QoS and QoE?

The parameter of QoS:

Jitter, encoding technique, bandwidth, latency

I have to find out more.

Kth theses are available in

The outline of the thesis writing suggested by Fedrick

Literature Review
Experiment & design
----What do I want to achieve?
--- What can I achieve?

Fedrick also suggested me that I have to search paper for literature review. In that I have to collect all common things in a paper. I might have some thing which are interly related

common thing need to put in a group then I can understand how they are related. I can also check authors other paper, citsheers, Kth library

That's it.
Have a fun.............

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